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Exhibiting with Ingrid will be Phlip Wessels, a master in portraying wildlife on wood. His realistic portrayal of the animals in exquisite detail reveals his love and passion for his subjects.
“My great passion is watercolour, as many people well know. I just love the challenge of portraying thoughts in this difficult medium and paint a variety of subjects. A few of my oil paintings will also be exhibited. I had ‘light’ in mind with, not only the technical aspect of the art piece I was working on, but also exploring and meditating on its physical, psychological and spiritual meaning. Technically a painting is all about light. The tonal play between light and dark gives interest. The artist uses light as well as colour to create emotion,” says Ingrid.
Feeling more complete at 60, attaining inner quietness and great joy in her heart, she finds great fulfilment in nature as is evident in her work.
“The search spiritually was in identifying who my Light is and what it means. Reading up, meditating, making notes – it is a great journey of discovery, therewith came new growth and insight, balance and harmony. Moving people to join me in this journey with the artwork is my hope.”
For more information, contact
082 322 3919.

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