A vulture in the kitchen!

The Owl Rescue Centre in Hartbeespoort is called out to many a strange rescue operations, but one such rescue recently was definitely an unexpected first. They had to rescue a Cape Vulture from a kitchen in Gauteng!

Brendan Murray

Brendan Murray of the owl centre received a call from the residents in an estate in Gauteng, telling them they had a vulture in their kitchen. Used to people often mistakenly identifying hadedas and other birds for owls and vultures, he did not really expect to find a vulture. But low and behold, what he found was a large Cape Vulture cowering in a corner of the kitchen. The residents came home one afternoon on 29 December to find the vulture in their kitchen in Krugersdorp. It seems it had managed to squeeze through a security gate, probably in search of some food.

The Cape Vulture was taken to the VulPro vulture centre in Hartbeespoort from where it will be released after assessment of its health and condition.