Alarming increase in Covid-19 cases in Madibeng

Covid-19 cases have been increasing at an alarming rate in Madibeng and on Saturday, 9 January, the North West Department of Health announced that the Madibeng district currently has 968 active cases, making it the second most infected area in North West.

More professional nurses in Madibeng are being trained in Covid-19 testing in order to offer testing at all clinics in the area.

In the last five days, 393 people have tested positive for Covid-19. So far 32 people in Madibeng have died of Covid-19. Hospitals in Brits have reported a sustained increase in the number of Covid-19 patients and capacity strain at the hospitals.“Mediclinic Brits can confirm that, as is the case across the region and country, we have noted a strong, sudden and sustained increase in the number of Covid-19 patients presenting for care. As such we are implementing additional measures to increase capacity but our resources, notably staffing, emergency centre capacity and critical care resources, are under significant strain and often at capacity. In addition, when the hospital experiences high volumes of patients within the ICU and High Care units and is unable to accommodate any further patients in these units for a period of time, a decision will be made to implement a diversion to another hospitals with capacity to avoid any individual’s care being compromised due to a delay in receiving treatment. This decision is constantly reviewed and withdrawn when the unit is once again able to receive patients,” the hospital said in a statement.

Non-emergency surgery at the hospital has been cancelled at the moment in an effort to create additional capacity. The hospital urged members of the public to adjust their behaviour to reduce their risk of infection by the coronavirus.

Three frontline health workers of the Department of Health in Madibeng died the past week after contracting Covid-19. During a remembrance ceremony for the three health workers who lost their lives fighting the pandemic, the Madibeng sub district manager, KR Maluleka thanked health care workers for their dedication in helping the community. “God must give us strength as we continue this battle,” she said.

During the past week, the Madibeng licensing office in Hartbeespoort was closed due to a number of employees in the municipality’s licensing department testing positive for Covid-19.

On Friday the Brits fire station was also closed due to Covid-19 cases.
The Department of Health currently offers screening and testing centres at the Bapong and Letlhabile community health centres (clinics) and is soon rolling out testing at all its clinics and facilities in the Madibeng district. People who suspect they may have Covid-19, can contact the department in Madibeng on 012 252 2355 or WhatsApp their questions to 066 401 6295.