Alarming increase in vehicle theft in Brits

The Brits community policing forum has issued a warning to motorists to be vigilant because of an alarming increase in vehicle theft in Brits.

• Motorists are advised to be on the lookout for suspicious persons when they park their vehicles and if possible, to keep an eye on the vehicle.
• Vehicles with tracking systems have a better chance of being recovered.
• Do not drive with your cellphone in plain view. Always keep it on your body.
• Do not leave belongings in your vehicle.
• Be vigilant at all times.

Motorists are also advised to be aware of a scam where victims of vehicle theft are contacted by a so-called police officer and informed that the vehicle has been recovered. The victim is then requested to pay an amount of money for the recovery. Please, do not pay anyone and contact the investigating officer if you receive such a call.