Armed gang hits two homes in minutes

An armed gang targeted two homes in Welgegund in Hartbeespoort on Friday morning, holding residents at gunpoint and robbing them of valuables.

“Around 03:00 on Friday morning a man and his son were asleep when he woke up with a door being broken down. Five armed men stormed into the house, threatened them at gunpoint and then took clothes, a watch, two cellphones and milk before fleeing,” said Romano van der Spuy, chairperson of the Hartbeespoort community policing forum.

Twenty minutes later four armed men broke down a door at a nearby farm where a man and his girlfriend were sleeping. The woman hid under the bed when they heard the robbers come in. The man was held at gunpoint, and the robbers demanded money. They fled with clothes, cellphone, shoes and a DVD player.”

According to Van der Spuy, it is suspected that the same group of robbers were responsible for both house robberies.

The Hartbeespoort police are looking for the robbers.