Arrest and fines for not wearing masks, ignoring curfew

Employers, managers and owners of buildings, school principals and taxi operators will be arrested if they allow people without masks onto their premises or in vehicles.

This follows the new lockdown regulation that was gazetted last week. According to a directive by the Magistrates’ Court Judiciary in Madibeng, admission of guilt fines of R500 or R1 000 will be imposed on the guilty parties, or they will face jail time.

Public transport operators allowing public to use public transport/taxi without wearing a mask or covering their mouth and nose, will pay a R500 fine. The same goes for managers and owners of buildings and public offices that allow the public and employees to enter the premises without a mask or cover over the mouth and nose.

Employers allowing employees and public to enter the work place without a mask will also pay R500, as well as school principals and managers that allow children, teachers and public on school premises without masks.

People who are caught outside their residences between 21:00 and 04:00 can also be arrested and fined R1 000 if they cannot produce an essential service permit.