Badly injured vulture saved

VulPro, the vulture conservation centre in Hartbeespoort this week saved a vulture from a cruel death after it had collided with power lines and was grounded for several days before it was spotted.

VulPro received a call from the Rhino & Lion Nature reserve after the bird was noticed and fetched the injured bird. It had a broken wing and was severely dehydrated as a result of being grounded for so long.

According to Kerri Wolter the bird’s wing will have to be amputated. It will now have a permanent home at VulPro” Power lines continue to be one of the leading causes of injury, if not death, for Vultures in South Africa.”

In the meantime VulPro has managed to produce 11 baby Cape Vultures this year. Baby vultures are ready in only a few months to leave the nest. Their growth is rapid and the baby in the photo is only about a month old.

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