Basic car care for dads

Tips to look after your vehicle as a dad.

Looking after your vehicle is the most important thing to do as it can also ensure the safety of you and your passengers while also saving you big bucks.

Here we look at basic car care for dads.

  • Clean your car once a week

Washing your vehicle ensures it is always clean and free from corrosion. Instead of reading that newspaper in the afternoon, grab a bucket, vacuum, soft cloth, soap and a brush.

  • Clean your car’s engine at least once a year

Having a clean engine helps massively with spotting leaks. This can be done at the comfort of your home or at the car wash near you.  Although this may be tricky for others, make sure to cover/protect sensitive engine parts.

  • Good sparks for good performance

With the right tool, you can replace the spark plugs in just a few minutes. Good spark plugs ensure a superb fuel economy while also giving you the best performance.

  • Check your tyres and brake pads

At a regular interval, inspect your tyres for any abnormalities as well as their pressures. If there is a strange sound coming from the wheels when you brake, then it could be a sign that your pads’ life is nearing an end.

  • Replace windscreen wipers

Easy as ABC. Worn and damaged wipers can cause visibility glitches. Replacing them is very easy and cost-free.

  • Changing a light bulb

Avoid a traffic fine by inspecting a mulfunctional light bulb and therefore replacing it.