Bathroom trends for 2020/2021

Your bathroom may be the smallest room in your home, but making it look chic and modern can give your home character.

When you think of renovating your home, do you factor in your bathroom? Bathrooms can be one of the most overlooked places in the home. A beautiful bathroom can take the aesthetic of your home to another level. Your bathroom is where you spend a great deal of time taking care of yourself and beautifying yourself — it’s only right that your bathroom looks as great as you do when you walk out of it!

Have a look at a few bathroom trends for 2020/2021:

1. Black finishes

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Gone are the days when bathrooms were just relegated to the colour white. The latest trend is black bathroom finishes. Black finishes add a touch of elegance and sophistication that the colour white may not bring into your bathroom space. You may feel hesitant to add darker tones to your bathroom, but the key is to add a few touches here and there so that you don’t overdo it. Many people opt to add black finishes on vanities, mirrors, light fixtures, and some even choose to install black coloured baths. Black cabinets can work great too. This colour will make your bathroom look futuristic and stylish.

2. Bring a spa into your home

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Turn your home into a sanctuary by creating a home spa in your bathroom. This trend has gained increased momentum due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions which forced many many people to spend more time at home than usual and unable to access their favourite beauty treatments as easily. Added to that, wellness is a global industry that is worth billions, and the year 2020 has emphasised the need for people to look after their wellbeing.

The most important part of a home spa is the bathtub. The bathtub is the centrepiece, and immersing yourself in a bathtub can be a huge stress reliever. You can opt for an air system tub which helps you feel as though you’re getting a full body massage. This will help you sleep better, improve circulation and detoxify the skin. Some air system tubs come with chromatherapy lights that can be changed to different colours. Add a few drops of essential oils for aromatherapy and your home spa is good to go!

Plants and adjustable light fixtures are also a great addition to add to your home spa bathroom.

3. Deep soaking bathtubs

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Deep soaking bathtubs are the ‘in thing’ for a great-looking bathroom. They are spacious and deeper than the average bathtub. They are also great to have when you have limited space in your bathroom because they are usually a shorter length. You’ll still feel comfortable in a deep soaking bathtub and you might even feel more comfortable than in a regular one.

You can choose a beautiful design with great finishes that match the general aesthetic of your bathroom.

4. Marble

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Marble will probably never go out of fashion. The latest trend for this year and the upcoming one is a bathroom made completely from marble. From the bathtub, the walls, the sink — everything. It looks modern and chic and is also water-resistant.

5. Plants in the bathroom

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Some plants thrive in humid environments. Keep a few plants in your bathroom to add a nature feel to it and feel like you’re on vacation. Snake plants, orchids, moss, Chinese evergreens and other plants thrive in humid environments, and can even help with absorbing moisture and purifying the air.

If you’re thinking of renovating your bathroom or are building a home from scratch, consider any one of these 5 bathroom trends to make your home look and feel elegant and modern.