For several years now the Schoemansville cemetery has not been maintained by the Madibeng municipality and has been in a state of neglect and disrepair.

The cemetery after it was cleaned up.

Thanks to a benefactor who wants to remain anonymous, a community project was established and the donation of funds enabled the clean-up and repair of the cemetery.
“A reputable garden service provider’s services were enlisted and on Saturday, a team armed with bush cutters and weed eaters commenced the enormous task of cutting grass, trimming trees and removing bushes and weeds throughout the whole cemetery.
They worked for almost 12 hours but by the end of the day the cemetery had been restored to a neat and tidy resting place where people can feel safe,” said Romano van der Spuy, who steered the project.
“Many thanks from the whole community to the benefactor and well done to the team that did the work. Hopefully this will be the first of many upliftment projects in our beautiful town.”

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