Johan Opperman

A benefit concert to raise money for well-known Hartbeespoort sound engineer and musician, Johan Opperman, will be held on 28 August in Hartbeespoort. Johan was recently diagnosed with blood cancer and needs urgent treatment to save his life.

Johan, who works as a sound engineer with well-known musicians in South Africa, suffers from Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS), a condition where groups of plasma cells become cancerous and multiply. The disease can damage the bones, immune system, kidneys and red blood cell. Transfusions and medication help manage symptoms.

“As with other musicians, Johan could not work much since the COVID-19 pandemic started and then recently he became ill. He urgently needs treatement and we as musicians decided to help raise money with a benefit concert,” says Blackie Swart. The concert will be held at Blackie’s restaurant Lulu’s on Saartjiesnek. Artists who will perform include Armand Hofmeyer, Jannie Moolman, Boet Faber, Deon Gouws and others.

According to a Backabuddy fundraising page set up for Johan, he urgently needs bone marrow transplants, transfusions and medication weekly. Treatment costs are estimated at R170 000 per month. According to doctors Johan only has nine months to live if he doesn’t start treatment immediately. The family needs all the help they can get.

Johan is currently in hospital receiving treatment.
The concert starts at 12:00 on Saturday, 28 August. If anyone wants to donate to the Backabuddy fund, visit Johan Opperman – MDS on

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