Big karate plans for 2021

Although karate, like many other sports, was also brought to a standstill by Covid-19, it hasn’t slowed the Zanshin Karate club in Hartbeespoort down and the club is looking forward to tournaments and a world championship in 2021.

“When 2020 made it impossible for us to train face to face, it did not keep us down. Myself and some of my Senpais made prerecorded videos so that everyone had additional training material to work with. For those with access to WiFi and Zoom, we did live training on-line. Even new karatekas that had only attended one class before the lockdown, received help out this way,” said Sensei Johan Pretorius, owner of the club.

“2021 will not slow us down, the biggest obstacles of 2020 have already been overcome. New and exciting karatekas of age 4 and older will be training while adhering to Covid-9 regulations.”

Johan has been practising SAJKA karate for 34 year and took over the Harties Ifafi dojo in 2019. “Being a Sensei is not just teaching students karate but also the way of karate. Most students start karate for the same reasons they seek a means to empower themselves, most often this is due to being bullied. In the dojo we work to build self-esteem, self-control and teach self-defense to young and old. We have even had the pleasure of welcoming special needs students into our dojos,” he says.

A big 2021 highlight waiting for the karatekas is the Funakoshi Gichin Cup Karate World Championship Tournament in Japan.

“All SAJKA Zanshin karate dojos Pretoria and Hartbeespoort is proud and ready for 2021 and as we approach a new year, Zanshin karate clubs will strive to provide stability for its karatekas.”