Most Hartbeespoort residents are not aware that we have a little piece of paradise right in our midst where you can break away to any day for a quick cup of delicious coffee and something to eat amidst chattering birds in lovely surroundings.

The Makalani Bird Park has opened its doors again and this little bird haven is the perfect place to pop in for a break during a busy day. The park has recently opened a tea garden where you can relax under the trees while birdwatching. The quaint tea/coffee shop offers delicious coffee, tea, milkshakes, cakes, tarts, scones and muffins in an environment where you can truly relax. Where else do you get a really good cappuccino for only R20?

And entrance is free for local residents! By supporting the coffee shop, you help the many birds that have been brought to the bird park for rehabilitation purposes. It really is the ideal break-away during a busy day. Guided tours through the birds of prey section and a free-flying bird show is available at a small fee.

The park also offers public bird shows every Saturday and Sunday at 15:00, or during the week per bookings.

Please support our bird park and ensure that their good work conserving our bird species can continue. Pop in at Makalani Bird Park in Beethoven Road, next to the Mountain Cambridge School, and see for yourself.

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