Brits one of the NW Covid-19 hotspots – Discovery

Discovery Medical Scheme has been sending notices to clients on the emerging Covid-19 hotspots in the country and Brits is listed as one of these hotspots in North West. The other hotspots in the province are Ga-Rankuwa, Rustenburg and Potchefstroom.

“Given the large, national footprint of our membership base and in order to support you with more information to stay safe during COVID-19, we are communicating on the emergent hotspots for COVID-19 infections using real-time claims data,” Discovery says. “We analyse our data across the country, at a district level, to ensure that we can provide you (clients) with regular updates on how the pandemic is progressing in your area.”

The following criteria is used to identify a district as a hotspot:
At least two new infections per day on average for prior seven days;
At least 50 cumulative cases;
Either 5% Compound Growth Rate (CGR) over the prior 7 days (doubling time of two weeks or less)/Or at least 30 new cases per 100,000 Discovery lives over the prior 7 days (high attack rate)