Brits water woes supposedly over by end of 2022

The completion of the upgrading of the Brits Water Treatment Works is scheduled for December 2022 and with an additional 20 mega litres of water and additional water quality processes, it is expected that Brits and surroundings’ water woes will be alleviated.

Jimmy Luburu of Magalies Water at the upgraded plant.

The upgraded plant will provide water to an additional 75 373 households in the Madibeng municipality. The plant supplies water to Brits, Letlhabile, Mothutlung, Oukasie, Oskraal and Sonop.

During a media site meeting last week, Jimmy Leburu of Magalies Water said the upgrading of the water treatment works has experienced many problems since it started in 2015. The challenges included, among others, lack of funding, termination of contractors and community unrest. The Department of Water and Sanitation ha snow made funding available for mechanical and electrical work. The cost of upgrading the plant from 60 mega litres per day to 80 mega litres is an estimated R845 million and the estimated completion date is March 2023. However, Magalies Water is now aiming for an accelerated completion date of December 2022. The project is a joint venture of the Department of Water and Sanitation and Magalies Water.

“We are pretty confident that the plant will be completed by the end of the year. The challenges have been resolved,” Leburu said.

The raw water division and construction and civil work have been completed. “The electrical and mechanical phase is ready to commence,” he said.

Jimmy Luburu of Magalies Water at the upgraded plant.

Added processes to purify water have been added to the plant. This includes additional sand filters, pre-ozone treatment and GGC filters.