A burglar was shot and killed in Schoemansville on Tuesday afternoon around 17:00 after attacking a security officer who responded to an alarm.

According to police spokesperson Colonel Adele Myburgh, the suspect was spotted by neighbours climbing over a wall of a property in Monene Street. “The neighbours called a security company that dispatched officers to the scene. By then the residents in the house have also pressed their panic button,” she said.

“Upon arrival at the house, security officers did not find anyone and patrolled around the area looking for a suspect matching the eyewitnesses’ description. They did not see anyone suspicious and returned to the house. When they arrived, they encountered the suspect who was climbing over the wall from inside the property,” she said.

The suspect stormed the security officer with a knife and the officer fired shots which hit and killed the suspect. He was declared dead on the scene.

Myburgh said the suspect’s identity is still unknown at this stage and an inquest has been opened.

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