Pastor Tony who has been collecting stamps for four decadesAre you a stamp collector? Then you should contact Pastor Tony who has been collecting stamps for four decades.
“My stamp collection is 40 years old. Stamps have become popular again under the younger generation. First Day Covers are all signed by the Commandants relative forces, army, navy, air force etc plus thousands of unused blocks of SA stamps. This is a great investment for you and your descendents,” says Pastor Tony.
Stamps will become increasingly scarce as they disappear from the market.
“My stamp collection, especially South African unused blocks of 40 years and older have a face value of R10 000. My First Day Covers are all from Southern Africa, Rhodesia, South-West Africa, Swaziland etc. I also have stamps from the British Empire, New Zealand, United States and other parts of the world.”
Pastor Tony is willing to sell in total or by selection.
If you are sincerely interested in the First Day covers or stamps, please contact him at 078 977 9473.

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