Three alert and brave car guards at Village Mall on Friday caught and prevented thieves from stealing wheels from vehicles in the mall’s parking areas.

Matthews Chauke and Given Mayepa. Tenday Rakweza was unfortunately not present for the photo.

Matthews Chauke was busy guarding vehicles around 17:00 when he noticed a man under a Toyota Legend. “He was busy trying to remove the spare wheel from under the car. I realised he was trying to steal the wheel,” Matthews said. He alerted two colleagues, Given Mayepa and Tendai Rakweza. By then the thief had realised he had been spotted and got into a car with two accomplices. “Tenday has a bakkie, and he drove to the gate to block them off while Given and I chased them. The thieves tried to get past Tendai, but he blocked them and they drove into his bakkie.”

Matthews pulled the driver from the vehicle and another got behind it. He pulled him out as well. A third suspect ran away, and Given gave chase and caught him. The two with Matthew managed to get away, leaving the car behind.
Six suspected stolen wheels were found in the suspects’ car. One suspect was arrested.

Village Mall marketing manager, Martie van Bavel said they were very proud of their alert car guards. “We have a really good team here, and we appreciate their dedication and vigilance that give our customers peace of mind while shopping,”

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