An alert police member recovered a stolen car, parked in one of Carletonville’s busiest streets, in broad daylight last week.

 A police member searching the car.

A policeman out on patrol, managed to recover a vehicle that was reported stolen 10 years ago, after he spotted people acting suspicious and decided to investigate.

Carletonville police’s communication officer, Warrant Officer Peter Masooa, said one of his colleagues was doing a routine patrol in town on Monday, March 7.

“He drove down Annan Road at around 14:05 and spotted people acting suspicious near a white Volkswagen Golf. He approached the suspects, introduced himself and asked to search them and the vehicle,” said Masooa.

When the officer compared the information on a tag in the car with the license disc, he found they did not match. There was a second licence disc on the windscreen. When he checked the details on the other disc, he discovered that the car was reported stolen in Florida, Johannesburg, in 2012.

The suspects in the vehicle have been arrested and charged. The outcome of their court case is not known at this stage.

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