Carletonville residents kidnapped for ransom

Two friends from Carletonville were recently hijacked and kidnapped from their home and were only released once their family paid ransom.

Two residents from Carletonville were hijacked and kidnapped from their home on February 2.

According to local police, a man and his friend had just arrived at his home in Osmium Street at approximately 22:30 when the criminals struck. Suddenly, seven men appeared and jumped into the resident’s VW Golf 7 with them.

The thugs drove them to the Deelkraal area, where they stopped in the veld. They then called the owner of the car’s family and demanded a million rand for their safe release.

The family could only raise R210,000, which the kidnappers accepted.

A family representative dropped the money off at another location near Deelkraal. The kidnappers then released the residents near Elandsrand, but only after beating them up.

The Golf 7 was later recovered near Wedela.

The Carletonville police are investigating charges of carjacking, kidnapping and extortion following the incident.

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