Carmi Landsberg first got onto the stage when she was still in nappies and has not left it since. The 14-year-old ballet dancer has just completed a successful month-long show ‘The ABBA Show – a Cinderella Story’ at Montecasino that was sold out even before it started.

Carmi Landsberg

Carmi is a Grade 8 student at the Mountain Cambridge School and the international ballet stages await this talented young ballet dancer.

Carmi’s sister took ballet classes when Carmi was still in nappies, and according to mom, Talita, Carmi waddled onto the stage in her nappy one day and started dancing. That was it, and the dancing toddler has turned into a very talented dancer with one goal in mind… a dancing career on stage.

“I wanted to dance since I can first remember. It is my life and I don’t want to do anything else,” the graceful young girl says. And with her dedication and perseverance, nothing is going to stop her. Carmi dances a minimum of 16 hours a week and more during shows. She is part of the Mzansi Ballet Company.

She was the youngest cast member in the ABBA show.

This year has proven to be pivotal in her dancing career. After the very successful show, she is no preparing for the SA International Ballet Competition at the Artscape Theatre in Cape Town on 25 July where she will compete against over 150 ballet dancers from all over the world. And she has her mind set on a superb performance.

“It is important that I do well and have all these experiences for my eventual plans to dance on international stages. After school, I will be applying to ballet companies in Australia or at Julliard. There is still some time to make up my mind. But dance, she will dance!”

During the month-long show last month, Carmi obviously had to take some time off school. “The principal told me I have to remain in the top 5 achievers in my grade, to be allowed time off.” So, she obviously works hard to stay on top of her school academics in order to follow her passion. “To my school, I can only salute you. A huge thank you to Mrs Carolina van Heerden and all of my amazing teachers. Thank you for making it possible to live my dream.”

Despite a hectic schedule, she still makes time for other hobbies. She is also an advanced scuba diver.

But the stage beckons and nothing will stop her to fulfill her dream of being an internationally acclaimed ballet dancer.

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