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What are all the butterflies doing in Hartbeespoort

The annual migration of brown-veined white butterflies is currently taking place in South Africa.

New initiative to clean up dam environment

A group of residents, in conjunction with Coastal Ghost, a NPO with the objective of cleaning up the environment and creating awareness, commenced last...

KYK: De Wildt man duik luislang!

'n De Wildt-inwoner is Saterdag 'n paar keer gebyt en moes uiteindelik 'n 4 meter luislang duik gedurende 'n poging om die slang te vang en te beveilig.

Bugs are winning the war against the hyacinth

Billions of tiny insects are currently responsible for rapidly destroying the hyacinth on the Hartbeespoort Dam and scientists are of the opinion that herbicides have not been sprayed on the dying water plants.

The death of the hyacinth – biological control or herbicides?

During the past month the hyacinth has been dying on the Hartbeespoort Dam and there has been much speculation and clashing opinions regarding the cause, some citing biological control and others herbicide spraying.
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