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India to decide on vaccine exports within weeks

Indian will soon start exporting its Covid-19 vaccine. What progress has been made?

Apple’s 2021 iPad ‘based on iPad Air

Apple is set to launch a new product. What is this product all about?

Samsung profits soar as people snap up home tech

Samsung has recorded immense profits and increased demand for its products. What are the factors behind this development?

What to do with savings if 2021 looks like 2020

Trying to time the market is potentially damaging.

Structuring a tax-efficient retirement and savings plan

Your taxable income decreases by the amount that you save for retirement.

Tax Ombud holding Sars to account for actions of questionable legality

Ombud’s office is gaining momentum in its campaign to achieve tax fairness for all. The Office of the Tax Ombud (OTO) released its 2019/20 annual report...

Export taxes becoming more prevalent globally

SA is following the trend by introducing an export tax on scrap metal exports in 2021. South Africa has joined the bandwagon in imposing export...

How single parents can protect themselves financially

The responsibility of being a single parent to a minor child (or children) is no doubt overwhelming, especially when it comes to money. Without the added advantage of running a dual-income household, raising children on your own, funding for their education, while also trying to save for your retirement may appear insurmountable.

Children and money: seven lessons you can share

Here’s how to help your kids develop good financial habits that will stand them in good stead for the years ahead. As a parent of...

Yes, you might actually enjoy a ‘working’ retirement

Many people who go back to work after retirement are motivated by the psychological and existential payoffs. Pedestrian returns from retirement funds, a struggling economy,...

Recommended: A ‘post-Covid’ stock take with your financial advisor

During periods of change, clients should review their investment portfolios and make the necessary changes to ensure that their investments are ‘fit for purpose’...
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