They failed us

One can’t help getting excited about the latest effort by members of the community to do something about the hyacinth infestation on Hartbeespoort Dam.

Hyacinth problem is choking tourism

Estates around the Hartbeespoort Dam are currently spending hundreds of thousands of rands to try and clear their respective waterfronts from hyacinths, but if the government does not come to the party, they are fighting a losing battle, they say.

Hartbeespoort water birds in crisis

On 28 January the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA) and Birdlife Hartbeespoort carried out their summer co-ordinated water bird count (CWAC) on the Hartbeespoort Dam.

Vulture on the go

A captive bred Cape Vulture, released in February 2015 from VulPro in Hartbeespoort, decided to come back and visit Hartbeespoort last week. He landed on this road sign near NECSA, to the consternation and surprise of many motorists. VulPro staff collected the vulture after motorists contacted them and he is now back home safe and…

Groen Kersfees ons voorland

Inwoners van Hartbeespoort, besoekers en almal wat lief is vir die dam, kan hulle maar gereed maak vir ‘n Groen Kersfees – nie groen in die sin van vars, lewenskragtig en vernuwend nie, maar groen in die sin van besoedelde water, alge en hiasinte in en op die dam. Amptenare van die Departement  van Waterwese…

Watch EWN Video: Sewage leak sends Hartbeespoort Dam into crisis

Broadcast on Eyewitness News – In light of the drought and water shortages being see across the country, the Hartbeespoort Dam in the North West is facing its own crisis. A sewage spill originating from the Jukskei river in Johannesburg is threatening a massive ecological disaster.

What to do about the bees in your bonnet

Bees are absolutely essential to our ecological system, but many people are allergic, while others are simply too afraid and kill them without a second thought.

Magaliesberg vulture flies over 1 000 km

Cape Vulture number 016 is yet another of VulPro’s success stories. He came to VulPro as a local Magaliesberg fledgling with a broken leg in January 2015.

Honours for VulPro’s Kerri

Kerri Wolter, founder and chief executive of the Vulture Conservation Programme of South Africa (VulPro), was one of several environmentalists who were honoured by the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA) as part of the organisation’s 90th birthday celebrations.