It will get worse before it gets worse

The water and sanitation department of the Madibeng municipality was placed under administration more than a year ago, yet it is still in a state of utter chaos. Water pipes in Hartbeespoort burst on a daily basis, leaving many residents without running water for days on end. One of the reservoirs in Schoemansville overflows on…

The birders’ column

Three-banded Plover / Driebandstrandkiewiet “Charadrius tricollaris“

Slang in die Gras

Na die onlangse toename in misdaad om die Dam het daar verskeie nuwe lede by die onderskeie buurtwagte aangesluit.

The Birders’ Column – Spotted Thick-knee / Gewone Dikkop “ Burhinus capensis “

The large ploverlike thick-knee has dark brown and buff-spotted upper parts, a black bill with yellow base, conspicuous large bright yellow eyes, and yellow legs and toes. Its underwing is white with black trailing edges and a median stripe. It has faintly-washed cinnamon and streaked brown on the chest while the underparts are white with…

Where to Harties ?

  Yes, where are we going, is it getting better or worse? Let’s look at what bothers us or perhaps impresses us. After being a casual visitor to the dam since the ‘70s, we invested and got involved in Kosmos in ’82, thirty years ago this year. We moved a couple of times to get…

Why squatter camps…?

Yes, why do we have Squatter Camps, does anybody want Squatter Camps? I don’t think so, least of all those living in them. Huh, you may say? Then why do we have them, why not just close them down and get on with it if no one wants them? Where are they and why? If…

Grannie’s Kitchen

The Green File by Johan Wentzel With the festive season ahead of us we can expect to experience some discomfort from time to time due to a little indulgence. With the price of food nowadays, I thought it appropriate to look at Grannie’s kitchen for some solutions. If caffeine is keeping you awake or make you…

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