The driver of a cash van was shot dead during a CIT robbery outside Mohlakeng on Monday evening.

 The crime scene where a CIT van driver was shot and killed. Photo: Supplied

A security officer was killed during a cash-in-transit (CIT) robbery on the R28 just outside Mohlakeng near Randfontein on Monday evening.

ER24 spokesperson Ross Campbell said paramedics arrived at the scene at about 18:50 and found many members of the police as well as another private emergency medical service on scene.

The back of the CIT van had allegedly been blown apart. The driver was still in his seat, having suffered a gunshot wound or wounds and showing no signs of life.

“He was assessed and declared dead on arrival by another private medical service’s ALS medic on the scene.”

The details surrounding this incident are unknown to ER24 but as stated, police members were on scene for further investigations.

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