“I want to bring people together and create an environment where the community embraces diversity and in the process uplift the community,” says new Democratic Alliance ward councillor candidate for Ward 29, the Kosmos and surrounding areas, Claudie Greenwood-Selby.

Claudie Greenwood-Selby

She is ready to tackle service delivery and community upliftment should she be elected councillor for this ward in November.

“I have already been doing it for more than a month since the passing of the recent ward councillor, and I am looking forward to doing more if the community puts their faith in me and choose me as their representative,” the bubbly woman says.

Claudie, an estate agent in Hartbeespoort for the past six years, is already a well-known and well-liked personality in the Kosmos area, and even without being an official representative of the Madibeng municipal council, she has already tackled the various service delivery issues in the area.

“This ward is a diverse area with residential estates, informal settlements and farms, and poses a unique challenges, however, I am an optimistic person and I want to focus on community upliftment and the service delivery shortcomings,” she says.

Claudie, formerly a senior manager at Bosch Siemens South Africa and a relationship manager at a luxury tour company, entered the estate market six years ago after returning from a two year stay in Germany. “My husband was working there and I had to play housewife. I hated it, I felt like an oxygen thief with no value to society,” she laughs. “So, the moment I got back, I started working on a career and the estate business is just what I needed. I love people and my career is all about people and making them happy.”

She never had political aspirations and her nomination is unexpected. “It all happened by coincidence. I met one of the other ward councillors in Hartbeespoort in the line of my work and attended a ward meeting. She asked me if I did not want to join the ward committee and assist in identifying service delivery problems in the area. It was easy for me as I have been working closely with the community for many years. When the Ward 29 councillor sadly passed away, I was suggested for the position and I accepted. I have now been doing the councillor’s work in an acting capacity until the bi-elections in November.”

And yes, she knows what she has let herself in for. “It is a challenge, especially with the shortcomings in the Madibeng municipality, but I am positive and believe in building positive relationships with all the parties. That is the only way one gets results.”

Claudie and husband Barrie lives in Schoemansville with their two dog children. “I am looking forward to assisting the community in resolving problems in our area. I am positive, but also realistic. There are big challenges but if I am elected, and after my five year term, I would like to be remembered as a councillor who has helped everyone in my ward, whether they live in a shack or in a mansion. I want people to join hands for a better future for all.”

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