Comair working to secure funding to return to normal flight schedule

After grounding British Airways and flights from Tuesday evening, Comair said that it did everything it could to avoid the suspension.

The aviation company Comair said it was working “all out” to secure funding in order to resume with their normal flight schedule as soon as possible.

This comes after the company suspended all British Airways and flights from Tuesday evening, as it awaits to secure additional funding.

“The company’s business rescue practitioners (BRPs) have advised that the process to raise the necessary capital is in progress and that there is reason to believe such funding may be secured,” Comair said in a media statement.

Comair said it had no choice but to voluntarily suspend all scheduled flights until this funding is confirmed.

“We did everything we could to avoid it. Comair, the BRPs and the lenders are working all out to get the funding in place so that we can resume our normal flight schedule as soon as possible,” said Glenn Orsmond, CEO of Comair.

“Comair is inherently a viable business. We have two of the best airline brands in the country. We are on track to carry over 4 million passengers this year and generate R5.3bn in revenue.”

The company first entered into voluntary business rescue proceedings on May 5, 2020.

“This was to ensure a focused restructuring of the company as quickly as possible so we could take to the skies again as a sustainable business and again play our part in the country’s airline industry and economy,” reads a statement on Comair’s website.

According to the media statement, those who have flights booked with British airways, can send an email to to make arrangements, or visit

Travellers on suspended flights have a choice between Travel Bank credit or they can request a full refund.

The Travel Bank credit can be used by the passenger or by another person. For more information send an email to

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