Community clean-up

The Hartbeespoort Community Clean-Up Initiative tackled the R512 in Broederstroom on World Cleanup Day on Saturday and removed a staggering 71 trash bags full of litter along a 3.5 km stretch of the road.

“Thank you to each and every one of our sponsors and volunteers who are working hard at cleaning up Harties and ultimately contributing to cleaner water – one of our most precious resources under threat – and healthier soil,” said Stefanie Ash, founder member of the clean-up initiative.

“For some of our volunteers this was the first time they had done a litter clean-up and they all went home having learnt something about roadside litter. Some of the comments focused on the sheer quantity of litter, how difficult it is to pick up the smaller sized bits, as well as how old plastic and polystyrene disintegrates upon touch to leave a large patch of tiny little pieces virtually impossible to pick up and ready to cause damage to our fauna and flora.”

Stefanie expressed the initiatives appreciation to community members and businesses who assisted. “A special thank you to good Samaritan Sunette who bought us all cooldrinks when she saw us working, and to Mike Dicks and wife Kathy who offered their transporting services. Thank you to X-press Recycling for coming to collect our bags to take to their sorting facility where they will separate all the recyclables, Pecanwood College and teacher Madalet De Wet who brought a couple of learners to assist, Westlake Country & Safari Estate who sent out our event invitation to all their residents, The Coves Estate who printed some posters for us to put up at their notice board, Damdoryn LifeStyle Pharmacy, Wimpy Arrows Rest / Pecanwood and Cradle Health Spa for the discount vouchers for our volunteers, and Kevin Robert Zoellner who made a number of up-and-down trips to collect all the bags and bring them to a central point. Thank you also to Sky Lodge who did their part by cleaning up the dirt road to their lodge!”

For more information on the clean-up initiative and if you like what they do and want to make a difference, contact them at: E-mail:,, or call or WhatsApp on 082 438 2822.