Is it dagga… RDP homes… a soccer stadium… business centre… grass farm… nursery?

The construction activities on the corner of Beethoven Road and the R511 in Melodie have the tongues wagging and since the developers are keeping mum, die theories are increasing by the day.
Since earthworks started a few weeks ago, the Hartbeespoort community has been trying to find out what is planned for this central location, but with no information forthcoming, rumours are spreading like a wildfire.
At first, residents believed it to be a low-cost housing development. Others said they were told by contractors on the property that it was going to be a grass farm… with ‘grass’ later turning into ‘dagga’. Next up was a business centre, then a sand and stone yard, and others who allege to know the owner, told stories of a soccer stadium with parking for 100 buses, and a nursery was also thrown into the mix!
During a visit to the site on Friday, Kormorant was told by a contractor that self-storage units were being erected and that one part of the property will be a sand and building material yard. The contractor would not divulge the owner’s identity.
According to municipal records, the property is zoned for agriculture.
Public concern turned into frustration on Tuesday when contractors on the property damaged a bulk water line and the water supply to a large part of Hartbeespoort had to be stopped.
Compliance officers of the municipality visited the site on Tuesday when contractors started to erect a structure.
“According to ward councillor Claudie Greenwood-Selby, the Madibeng officials were told they did not have building plans as a grass farm is planned for the property and that Madibeng services will not be required. “Madibeng officials told the developer that building plans have to be approved before any structure is erected,” she said.
A contravention notice was subsequently issued to the owner on Wednesday but he refused to sign it.
“The municipality investigated and discovered some illegal construction on the site. We returned to site to issue a contravention notice which they refused to sign. In the event that they continue, we will go the legal route,” Madibeng spokesperson, Tumelo Tshabalala said.

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