It seems for only R50 you don’t even have to stand in the queue when renewing your driver’s licence, you just hand over your forms at the gate to people “who can help”.

And if you are a person who feels strongly about corruption, it does not help to complain to the Madibeng municipality’s anti-corruption pimp line … they “cannot help”!
Local resident, Louise Murphy, visited the Madibeng licencing office on Thursday to renew her licence and was immediately approached at the boom gate while signing in. “The man asked me why I was there and when I asked if the queues were long, he told me they could help. I just had to fill in the forms and bring them to another man that was standing with them. I wanted to find out more and asked him how much. He told me R50. I am very against corruption and was really upset and when I entered the office I saw the anti-corruption sign on the wall with contact numbers,” Louise told Kormorant.
When she got home she sent a message as indicated on the anti-corruption poster and almost immediately received a call. “After telling them what was happening at the Madibeng licencing offices, I was told they could not help!”
Kormorant did the same and sent a message to the hotline. We received a message saying someone will be in contact, but no one responded.
In response, the municipality said it was working on re-activating the anti-corruption hotline.
“Thanks for bringing the matter to our attention. We condemn such practices with the contempt they deserve. We will urgently investigate,” spokesperson Tumelo Tshabalala said.

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