While all Covid-19 health and safety protocols must be followed at all time, Trade and Industry Minister Ebrahim Patel announced the framework in which each industry may operate during level 4 of the nationwide lockdown.

The following regulations will apply in these respective industries:

Financial and business services:

  • Employees should work from home where possible.
  • Call centres, for local and all international markets, may operate subject to directions issues by the relevant cabinet members.
  • Essential financial services may operate subject to directions issues by the relevant cabinet member.
  • Private security services may operate.
  • Implementation of payroll systems.
  • Rental of motor vehicles, machinery and equipment, and of personal and household goods to support other level 4 services.
  • Other professional services may operate only where work-from-home is not possible, and only to support other level 4 services.

Accommodation and food service activities:

  • Accommodation not permitted, except for quarantine and essential services.
  • Restaurants only for food delivery services (09:00-20:00) and subject to curfew (no sit-down or pick-up allowed).

Transport, storage and communication services:

  • Ocean and air transport permitted only for the shipment of cargo.
  • Public rail, minibus taxi and bus services will resume at levels and on terms as will be set out in directions, based on the progressive increase in commuter numbers during the various phases.
  • E-hailing services subject to restrictions on capacity and times, and for permitted activities only; and
  • Transport and logistics in respect of specified cargo, and permitted retail goods to neighbouring countries, which will include all goods imported via South Africa’s ports of entry, for re-export to neighbouring countries.
  • Essential imported goods will be prioritised through ports of entry and for transport and handling to final users. Directions will be issued in respect of other goods.

Mining and quarrying:

  • Coal production for Eskom scaling up to full employment.
  • Open-cast mining scaling up to full employment; and
  • All other mining starting in batches scaling up towards 50% employment.

Repairs and related emergency services:

  • Tow trucks and vehicle recovery services.
  • Emergency repair work, including plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, glaziers, roof repair work.
  • Emergency automobile repairs for all persons.

Supply Chains:

  • Production, manufacturing, supply, logistics, transport, delivery, critical maintenance and repair in relation to the rendering of permitted services including components and equipment.
  • All workplaces or premises must have care and maintenance that is essential to the prevention of the destruction or significant impairment of working areas, plant, machinery or inventory, or to permit orderly wind-down arrangements, on such conditions as may be issued by means of directions by the relevant cabinet members.

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