The number of confirmed cases increased by 141 since Friday and seven more people have died.

South Africa now has a total of 4 361 confirmed Covid-19 cases, Health Minister Dr Zweli Mkhize announced on Saturday, 25 April 2020.

This is an increase of 141 new infections from Friday.

The country has seen quite a rise in numbers during the past week. The highest single jump in infections since the virus entered South Africa’s shores in March was 318 new infections announced on Thursday, 23 April.
The number of positive cases in SA (excluding cases announced today on 25 April) has risen in the following manner since last Saturday:

• 251 new infections announced on Saturday, 18 April,
• 124 new infections announced on Sunday, 19 April,
• 142 new infections announced on Monday, 20 April,
• 165 new infections announced on Tuesday, 21 April,
• 170 new infections announced on Wednesday, 22 April,
• 318 new infections announced on Thursday, 23 April,
• 267 new infections announced on Friday, 24 April.

To date, a total of 161 004 COVID-19 tests have been conducted of which 8 614 were done in the last 24 hours.

Seven more deaths have also been recorded bringing the total number of coronavirus-related deaths in the country to 86. The seven new deaths are from the Eastern Cape, Western Cape and Limpopo provinces.

The number of deaths (excluding deaths announced today on 25 April) announced since last Saturday:

• +2 deaths on Saturday, 18 April
• +2 deaths on Sunday, 19 April
• +4 deaths on Monday, 20 April
• +0 deaths on Tuesday, 21 April
• +7 deaths on Wednesday, 22 April
• +10 deaths on Thursday, 23 April
• +4 deaths on Friday, 24 April.

According to data released by the Department of Health, a total of 570 recoveries have been recorded since 18 April (excluding the recoveries announced today on 25 April):
• +0 recoveries on Saturday, 18 April
• +0 recoveries on Sunday, 19 April
• +152 recoveries on Monday, 20 April
• +0 recoveries on Tuesday, 21 April
• +0 recoveries on Wednesday, 22 April
• +418 recoveries on Thursday, 23 April
• +0 recoveries on Friday, 24 April.

The Western Cape, which became the epicentre of the outbreak in South Africa this week, has the most confirmed cases with a total of 1 514 positive cases. The province is followed by Gauteng with a total of 1 304 positive cases at the time of going to press.

The following confirmed Covid-19 cases have been detected in each province:

• Western Cape: 1 514 cases
• Gauteng: 1 304 cases
• KwaZulu-Natal: 847 cases
• Eastern Cape: 488 cases
• Limpopo: 30 cases
• Mpumalanga: 23 cases
• North West: 28 cases
• Northern Cape: 16 cases
• Free State: 111 cases
• Unallocated: 0 cases

South Africa is currently in the last week of a 35-day hard lockdown to try and curb an uncontained spread of the virus. President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on Thursday night that while the country will begin to ease the lockdown restrictions from 1 May 2020, there will be a phased approach to prevent a rapid spread of Covid-19.

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