Hundreds of primary school learners from thirteen community schools in Mmakau and Mothotlung in Madibeng gathered to receive their school shoes last week, amidst much excitement.

This school support programme, funded by De Wildt Solar, was in response to a call from the North West Department of Basic Education, and a number of school principals in the area, who noticed that close to 800 children were in need of school shoes.

All thirteen schools were visited, where close to 800 pairs of school shoes were gifted over a three-day period, with a number of key stakeholders in attendance. Heads of schools gladly welcomed representatives from the Department of Education, Ward Councillors and Tribal Authorities, in addition to the programme’s funders.

“School shoes are more than just an essential part of school attire, they help to boost self-esteem and dignity,” said Celiwe Mabaso, Community Operations Manager for De Wildt Solar.

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