Dr Nozipho Sangweni at a sanitation station in Schaumburg.

A medical doctor has devised a clever idea to enable Schaumburg residents in Skeerpoort to regularly wash their hands by building novel washing stations in the informal settlement.

Dr Nozipho Sangweni, who owns a farm in Skeerpoort, has been constructing simple and inexpensive washing stations throughout the informal settlement which enable residents to sanitise their hands regularly. Like so many other informal settlements in Hartbeespoort, Schaumburg suffers serious water shortages, making it almost impossible for residents to adhere to the prescribed Covid-19 safety measures.

“I have farm workers living in Schaumburg and I was concerned for their safety. I realised the need for water and safety measures in the settlement and thought of ideas of how to help my workers and the community as a whole. Then I saw  similar washing stations used by nurses in another African country and I realised it was simple and inexpensive enough to construct here,” she told Kormorant.

Blue Gum trees were cut from her farm from which stands were constructed. Five litre containers with soap and water are suspended from the stands and connected to a wooden pedal by rope. This enables a person to wash hands without touching the dispenser.

So far six sanitising stations have been constructed and she would like to build many more. One of the stations is situated at the taxi rank to safeguard commuters.

“It is so simple and effective. My workers keep the dispensers filled with water from the farm and I have been supplying the soap to date.  However, I now need the community’s help with liquid soap donations as I cannot continue to do it alone. We also need posters with important Covid-19 information to display,” she said.

“I have joined Skeerpoort community social media groups to ask for soap donations but sadly had not response. I hope the greater Hartbeespoort community might be able to help with soap donations.”

For more information, contact Dr. Sangweni on 0835567513.

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