Dog rescued from the Hartbeespoort Dam

Community members and the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) on Friday launched a rescue mission to get an exhausted dog in the middle of Hartbeespoort Dam to safety.

According to Linda Spencer-Coye of the Hartbeespoort Animal Rescue Centre (HAWS) the exhausted dog was first spotted by a woman while she was struggling to get out of the dam at Mariner’s Village around 14:00. When approached, the scared dog got back into the water again and started swimming towards the middle of the dam.
“The woman, named Marjan, called us and we alerted the Hartbeespoort Dam NRSI whose members immediately responded. In the meantime a man on a jet-ski saw the dog and went to assist. He managed to push her back to the shore at Mariners Village where two Kosmos community members, Anne Gmür and Jaco got hold of her and took care of her,” Spencer-Coye said.
“Anne and Jaco brought her to HAWS. The dog had suffered a head wound and was extremely scared. We are currently letting her settle in and get used to a safe environment. She is eating but is terrified when people approach. We still don’t know what had happened to her and no one has come forward to claim her.”
“We want to thank Marjan who contacted us, Arthur Crewe of the NSRI who immediately responded, the unknown man on the jet-ski and Anne and Jaco, who cared for the dog and brought her to HAWS. These people saved her life.”
Spencer-Coye said the dog has in the meantime been named ‘Snowball’ by Anne who brought her to HAWS. “We will update the community on how Snowball is doing.”
If anyone wants to assist HAWS with donations in caring for the dog, contact HAWS on 076 455 0322.