A Range Rover that ended up in a canal in an upmarket estate in Broederstroom in the early hours on Saturday, has social media abuzz with theories about how the luxury car met its water grave.

In a video circulating of the luxury car in a canal at The Islands Estate, a commentator can be heard advising people not to drink and drive, but to rather smoke and fly. “If you smoke and fly, you would be able to clear this…” he comments.
The vehicle landed in the canal around 05:00 on Saturday morning. According to witnesses, the driver tried to get out but got stuck in the window. A security officer of Merlin Security Services jumped in and helped the man out of the submerged car. The driver was not injured. It was not officially revealed how the car ended up in the canal, but social media is rife with speculation.
It took a towing service more than an hour to get the vehicle out of the canal. “It was not your usual recovery,” Kevin Heathcote of Eagle 24 Towing said.

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