Dr Gerhard Dippenaar – B.Sc, Hons (Cum Laude), M.B,ChB, (Stellenbosch); Advanced Health Management (Yale/FPD); IAPAC certified in infectious Diseases; CDE certified in Diabetes management.

The digital transformation of healthcare worldwide has been sped-up due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. People attempt to avoid crowded places such as doctor consultation rooms fearing being exposed to COVID-19 or exposure to other infectious diseases.

We do however recognise the necessity to consult with doctors during this time. This is especially true for those with acute or chronic illnesses, and those who need regular check-ups and monitoring which are critical to their health and quality of life.

Dr Gerhard Dippenaar, who recently opened a practice at De Handelspost, has launched an exciting new method of interacting with patients remotely, removing fears of crowded waiting rooms, delays and unnecessary risk to exposure. This revolutionary method is called ePractice. This will allow patients worldwide to access the healthcare services they require in the comfort of their own environment. This service is more accessible, cost effective, and flexible than Face-to-Face consultations.

What is ePractice?
ePractice is a simple to use, web-based platform which can be accessed from any smart device. It’s especially convenient for patients managing acute and chronic illnesses.

Another key benefit is that regular automated monitoring of your condition allows the system to generate and send you SMS reminders about follow-up pathology and prescription requirements, medical reports (e.g. Diabetic Diaries and Chronic Glucose Monitoring), referrals etc. This system also allows you to upload medical documentation e.g. X-ray, scan, pathology reports etc. which Dr Gerhard can immediately access. This allows you access to your medical history from your smart device.

ePractice allows patients to book an appointment for a video consultation, online payment, e-scripting and automated monitoring. The system allows you Self-monitoring of your Chronic Disease Progression.
E-Prescriptions can be collected as prescribed, from your preferred pharmacy. The prescription will be delivered on your smart device.

It is important to know that all of your ePractice data is absolutely secure and is fully POPIA compliant and secured against cyber threats.

Can a Doctor really assist you without seeing you?
Yes. A video consultation allows you to consult with your doctor in private. During video consultations the Doctor will ask the patient disease related questions and request them to do simple self-monitoring examinations. This process will allow the doctor to make an informed diagnosis and to treat patients accordingly.
Face-to-Face Consultations

Should patients prefer Face-to-Face consultations, the system allows for you to register, make an appointment, complete your medical profile and to effect payment. Patients can also do this when visiting the practice and will be assisted by its competent personnel.

Face-to-Face consultations will allow for cash or credit card payments within our practice. We aim to offer a paperless environment.

What about the costs?
ePractice allows competitive rates.

How do I sign up?
To register:
• Log on to : https://drgerhardedippenaar.continuouscare.io/ and select the Patients sign-up button to create your account
• Complete the Patient Profile Questionnaire
• Select Health tracker to complete your medical history
• Schedule an appointment via the Appointments page – either video or at the practice
• Make the online payment
• Login to your ePractice account at the time of your scheduled virtual appointment
• Collect or have your E-Prescription delivered as prescribed, from your preferred pharmacy.
Dr Dippenaar is:
• Member of the SAHIV Clinicians Society
• Member of IAPAC (International Association of Physicians in Aids Care)
• Member of the Southern African Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases
• Member of the South African Institute of Healthcare Managers – Specialist Member
• Member of the SGFP (Society for General / Family Practitioners)
• General Medical Council of the UK, Full registration as Medical Practitioner on Principle List.
• ITAPP member – advisory panel to Counsel for Medical Schemes
Contact: 078 174 3363 and Email: gerhard@dr-gd.co.za

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