Driving mistakes made by moms (and how to avoid them)

With a bit of know-how from experts, you can avoid the most common errors moms make while driving with their kids in the car.

 How to avoid five common driving mistakes moms make.

It’s difficult to be a mother and a driver at the same time. So many things can go wrong – just ask the Duchess of Cambridge (aka Kate Middleton), who, along with her husband, Prince William, incurred the wrath of the British government last year after incorrectly using a car seat! Even we, mere mortals, make a lot of mistakes when we’re out on the road.

Here are some of the most common mistakes made by mothers (along with suggestions for how to avoid them):

Improper use of a car seat

Car seats can sometimes be tricky to operate. The reality is most kids aren’t riding as securely as they should be. Getting expert advice after purchasing a car seat is critical. When buying a car seat, ensure that you are completely comfortable with the car seat’s operation before leaving the store. Don’t be afraid to ask the shop assistant for a demonstration on how the correctly install the seat in your car.

Good to know: A child should be in a rear-facing seat from birth until he reaches the height and weight limit of his rear-facing seat.

Attempting to accomplish too much at once

Women are known for their ability to multitask. And, yes, women can do a lot of things at the same time. However, not in the car! Distractions in a car can be fatal. It’s impossible to drive, eat, and wipe your child’s nose all at the same time.

Driving while tired

You wouldn’t drive while inebriated, especially with your children in the car, right? However, many mothers are unaware that sleep deprivation has the same physiological effects as drinking alcohol, making a tired mother a dangerous driver. We all know how exhausting it is to be a mother of a baby or toddler. As a result, before you get on the road, ask yourself, “Have I gotten enough sleep?”

Don’t get behind the wheel if the answer is no. Instead of going to the supermarket, order your groceries online. If you were planning on meeting a friend for tea, invite her to your house instead. But, whatever you do, don’t drive while tired.

Being rushed

We’re all familiar with the scenario. There is always so much to do as a mother. And, just as you finish packing the car, you notice that your child’s favourite toy is on her bed. So you rush inside, can’t find the toy, turn your child’s room inside out, and dash back to your car. You’re now late, stressed, and rushing, which isn’t good when you’re on the road. You might take risks like speeding through a red light – a mistake like that could be fatal.

Instead, every time you go for a drive, plan to arrive 10 minutes early. Allow for some extra time so you don’t panic or become stressed once you’re on the road.

Making phone calls

It’s never a good idea to talk on the phone while driving, and it’s even worse if you’re texting, on social media, or checking emails. It’s a good idea to install a Bluetooth kit if your car doesn’t already have one.