Easy padkos ideas your kids will love

Padkos is an essential part of a successful road trip with kids. Here are some ideas of what foods to pack as you hit the road.

Easy padkos ideas your kids will love
 If you’re going on a road trip with kids, choose mess-free and healthy snacks.

If you’re going on a road trip with young kids in tow, you’d better be prepared! And by prepared, we mean, have plenty of yummy snacks on hand!

One of the best ways to silence the incessant cries of “Are we there yet?” on long car journeys is to keep kids happily occupied with snacks along the way. Here are some ideas for healthy, mess-free kids’ snacks they’re sure to love…

  • Fill an empty jar with a few centimetres of peanut butter and top up with celery sticks, that way they’re pre-dipped and less mess is guaranteed.
  • If your child suffers from motion sickness, bananas are good options to ease nausea.
  • Put a small, empty yoghurt container in the middle of a larger plastic tub. Fill the small container with a dressing of your choice (plain yoghurt with a dash of garlic and mayonnaise works well) and surround it with baby carrots. Do the same with apple slices and vanilla yoghurt for dessert snacks.
  • Another great idea when travelling during summer is to freeze some juice boxes. They’ll stay colder for longer and they’re more difficult to drink, so they’ll last longer too.
  • Sarmies are the go-to food on the move. Swap up white sandwich bread with pita or flatbreads, which you can stuff or roll up with a variety of fillings you know your child will enjoy.