The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Madibeng Local Municipality has requested an urgent meeting with the Speaker following a chaotic council meeting last week when EFF and ANC members clashed, threatening violence.

Chaos at the Madibeng council meeting

According to DA councillor Jan van Rhyn, ANC and EFF councillors clashed over the 2021/22 First Quarter Performance Report. Van Rhyn said the situation escalated, turning the meeting into almost two hours of chaos with councillors threatening violence.

“Without shame, the councillors hurled threats of violence and uttered the vilest profanities,” Van Rhyn said.

Only after the EFF Councillors were removed from the Council chambers by security, could the meeting continue to finalise matters on the agenda.

“The DA will now meet with Speaker Cllr Ditshego Mbezi, to address the general dysfunctionality of council. The DA condemns the destructive and disruptive behaviour of ANC and EFF Councillors in the strongest possible terms and will demand of Speaker Mbezi to initiate the necessary disciplinary proceedings against all councillors involved in the transgression of the guidelines as per the Code of Conduct for Councillors as stated in the Municipal Systems Act (No 32 of 2002).”

He said this criminal behaviour by ANC and EFF Councillors is not only a breach of their oath of office, but also a betrayal of their own voters who entrusted them with the mandate to ensure good governance and the delivery of services.

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