Elderly man hijacked, forced to withdraw money

A 73-year-old man was hijacked in Melodie last Tuesday and forced to drive with two robbers until he could withdraw money from an ATM.

Mossie Malan parked at the entrance of a business complex on the R511, where he was waiting to turn into the road when two men walked toward his car. “I waited, thinking they wanted to walk past, but the next moment one was in the car beside me, and another behind me in the backseat. The one in the back grabbed my shirt and strangled me, telling me to keep quiet or he would kill me. They told me to drive to Pretoria,” he told Kormorant.

“As we drove over Saartjiesnek they said I was driving too fast. I slowed down until the car came to a stop and asked them what they wanted. They told me to take off my watch and ring. When I couldn’t get my ring off, one told me to wet my finger and try again.” The robbers ordered him to drive on.

“When we reached the turn to the Sasol fuel station, I impulsively decided to drive in there. Unfortunately, cars were queueing for fuel and I couldn’t get to the fuel pumps. I stopped and I then told them I was not going anywhere. They wanted money. One walked with me to the ATM and I withdrew R500 and showed them the bank statement. There was no money left in my account. One said to me I must not try anything funny as they had my registration number and they would come and kill me. Then they just walked away,” Malan said.

“In hindsight, I know I took a big chance in turning into the fuel station. My advice to people who may fall victim to similar situations is to remain calm and do as they tell you. Be vigilant at all times.”
Hartbeespoort police are investigating the incident.