A family of eight was miraculously unharmed after armed robbers fired multiple shots into their small room during an attempted robbery near Brits on Sunday morning.

“The family of five adults and three children were asleep around 03:00 on Sunday when a group of six armed men stormed their small room on a farm in Kleinfontein. The robbers demanded they open the door and when they failed to do so, five shots were fired through the door. No one was hit, which is a miracle. The workers triggered an alarm and our security officers responded. The robbers fled when our security vehicles approached,” said Chris Degenaar of Tactical K9 security services.
The robbers then moved on to a nearby spaza shop after blocking entrance roads with rocks and tree stumps. “They broke into spaza shop and assaulted the owner before fleeing with stolen goods. “We followed their tracks until early morning when we lost them at a village. The police are investigating and looking for the gang,” Degenaar said.

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