A man who was filling water containers from a fire hydrant in Ifafi allegedly told a resident he was tapping water for his swimming pool in Kosmos.

Free-for-all water from a fire hydrant

According to Nelis Jansen van Rensburg, a Hartbeespoort Afriforum member, they have been looking into the illegal tapping of water at the hydrant at Sediba Plaza after numerous reports in the past months of increased water use from the hydrant on the Randwater line.

“We have been monitoring activity at the hydrant and regularly approached drivers of water tankers who daily collect water here. Many allege they have contracts with the Madibeng municipality. The hydrant has been modified in such a way that one cannot call it a fire hydrant anymore. On Friday, I approached the driver of a truck and enquired where the water was going. He at first told me he works for the Gauteng department of water affairs but when I asked why water is being fetched from North West, he admitted that he was in fact getting water for his swimming pool at his newly built house in Kosmos,” Nelis said.

“Afriforum wants to request a meeting with the Madibeng municipality to enquire about the unmonitored use of Randwater from this fire hydrant. How is the cost calculated and where does the water go? Who is authorised to get water here? It is currently a free-for-all while residents on the Randwater line pay dearly.”

Kormorant has sent an enquiry to the municipality and is waiting for a response.

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