A 52-year-old Hartbeespoort man has died of Covid-19 on Saturday, 27 June.

The man, who was a resident of Birdwood Estate passed away in hospital.
Birdwood Estate manager, Renaldo Bettini, said on Sunday that the man’s wife informed them of his death. “He tested positive for Covid-19 on Wednesday and passed away on Saturday.”
According to a medical practitioner in Hartbeespoort, Covid-19 cases in the area have drastically increased over the past week.
“We urge residents to follow the pandemic regulations, wash hands, sanitise and keep a safe distance from other people.”
Residents are urged to contact their doctor as soon as they think they might have Covid-19 symptoms. However, do not go the doctor’s consulting rooms, phone and discuss your symptoms and you will be referred for testing.
People who suspect they may have Covid-19 can also WhatsApp “Hi” to the Covid-19 hotline on 0600 123 456 to discuss symptoms and be referred for testing.

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Die Hoërskool Wagpos sluit na matriekleerling positief toets vir Covid-19

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