South Africa will move from a level 5 complete lockdown to level 4 lockdown from 1 May. Level 4 means limited economic activity and the easing of some movement.

Here are five simple steps to follow to get your essential service permit:

1. Find out if your company falls under the newly imposed essential services at level 4.

Find details here: Send an email to the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (DTIC) on Enterprises may call the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (DTIC) on 080-000-6543 or 012-394-5560.

2. You can register your company on the online bizportal: Click here to visit the bizportal

3. After this you can download your certificate. It will also be emailed to you. This can be used as proof to trade as an essential business during lockdown.

4. As CEO or owner of the business you need to give your workers a letter with the official business stamp or logo with your signature to say that your staff members work for you and provide an essential service in your business.

Click here for an example of such a letter.

5. All staff members must have this permit on them at all times as well as a photo identification document issued by Home Affairs such as an ID document.

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