Five reasons why you need tissue oils in your life this winter

Find out why tissues oils do more for your skin than body lotions.

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Tissue oil has really made a name for itself in recent years and has been clinically proven to moisturise dry and dehydrated skin, minimise the appearance of scars and stretch marks and enhance the functionality of the skin’s moisture barrier. In fact, it may even be better for your skin to replace your body lotion or cream with tissue oil as an everyday moisturiser. Bramley Cosmetics share reasons why tissue oil is better for your skin than body lotion:

  1. Better protection: Tissue oil provides a better protective barrier to dry skin as its formula is more occlusive than that of a lotion. Lotions (especially those with lighter formulations) tend to evaporate after being applied to the skin and don’t offer the same deep nourishment and skin barrier protection you get from a tissue oil.
  2. Cleaner ingredients: While the majority of lotions and creams contain a lot of additives, tissue oil is far less likely to contain questionable or potentially harmful ingredients. It usually contains no more than a handful of oils and naturally-derived ingredients. Remember, the fewer ingredients, the better.
  3. Skin loves oil: Our skin’s barrier is held together by fats (also known as lipids). These epidermal lipids are the cement that holds skin cells together. When tissue oil is absorbed by the skin, the top layers of our skin treats this oil as its own, resulting in an intensely moisturised effect.
  4. Goodbye stretch marks: Global research suggests that up to 90% of people will develop stretch marks at some point in their lives. While body lotions go a long way in providing moisture, they’re not known for their ability to treat stretch marks. When applied regularly, tissue oil can help fade and minimise the appearance of stretch marks.
  5. It is more versatile. Tissue oil can be used all over the body, and offers more alternative uses than body lotions or creams, doubling up as cuticle oil, hair oil, lip treatment and massage oil.

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