Ford de-mystify misted windows

Most drivers struggle with demystifying the windscreens at some point – especially during inclement weather and when in a hurry.

Misted windows can be the result of weather or getting back into the car with a hot and sweaty body after a gym or exercise session.

Well, Ford now offers the technology to make all of this go away.

It is called Windscreen Weather Station. “It can detect moisture in the air and changes in the temperature of the glass, automatically activating the air con if needed, and selecting the required airflow setting to pre-empt the windscreen misting over.

“The Windscreen Weather Station is located near the rear-view mirror on the glass. The five-centimetre X3 system consists of several sensors. The latest version, already introduced in some Ford models, also helps improve fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions by reducing the usage of the air con’s compressor,” said Ford.

Source: QuickPic