Twelve traffic and four police officers were arrested for driving drunk in the Brits area over the weekend.

The cops were arrested during a joint law enforcement operation in the area over the weekend. A total 30 motorists were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.
North West Community Safety and Transport Management MEC, Sello Lehari,
it was disappointing to see such high numbers of law enforcement members being arrested. “But this is an emphasis that the application of law is for all, irrespective of social standing. They should be leading by example but now they are the ones who are endangering our people’s lives on the roads,” he said.
Lehari has also warned that the current criminal acts on the N4 and surrounding areas will not be tolerated. Several motorists have reported incidents where spikes, nails and rocks were used on the roads to entrap and rob road users. The MEC urged motorists to be vigilant and report such incidents when and where they occur.

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