A gang of armed robbers terrorised and robbed two Sunway families during armed house robberies last weekend.

The gang of four men, armed with a firearm, knives and crowbar, broke down the doors of two homes in Sunway in the early hours on Saturday, holding residents at gunpoint and robbing them of their belongings.

“The first house robbery took place shortly after midnight when the four robbers broke down the front door of a house in which a mother and her three children were sleeping. They held the mother and children at gunpoint, threatening them. The mother did not have money and the robbers took two cellphones and fled,” said Romano van der Spuy, spokesperson for the Hartbeespoort community policing forum.

Approximately an hour later, presumably the same gang broke down a door at another house in the settlement and threatened a couple at gunpoint before fleeing with cellphones, clothes and beer.
The Hartbeespoort police are looking for the robbers.

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